It’s been a while since I didn’t cook steak and tonight I decided to make steak again. It was really a good dinner. Best serve with a side of mashed potato,french fries or green salad. Garlic bread or biscuit and gravy for starter. Try to put some A1 sauce on steak as well.  Ingredients: Sirloin Butter Cooking oil Garlic Salt Pepper Slice the garlic cloves … Continue reading Steak 

Healthy snacks

So today my body wants some healthy snacks. I’m craving for something simple, healthy, and delicious until I end up making healthy bites. This healthy,quick and easy snack tastes so good and looks beautiful you can also serve it to your visitors. I prepared it in different designs as well. Ingredients: Sourdough bread Butter Tomato  Cheese Avocado  Parmesan cheese  Salt & pepper (optional) Main ingredients … Continue reading Healthy snacks