Spring DIY clothing and accessories design 

It’s spring time and there goes spring break. Most of the people go vacations and we need to save up for that, at the same time we also think about what we have to wear. But of course if we buy new clothes that’s another spending again. Well, we don’t really need to buy new clothes and accessories at all because everything that we want is already in our closet we just don’t pay attention on them. Operation DIY all we have to do is to take out all the clothes that we thought we don’t want anymore and redesign it again.

My DIY clothing. So I got this sweater that I don’t want to wear because I didn’t like the plain design of it. What I did is I cut out the upper part of it until to the shoulder level to make it open shoulder. Then stitched the edges to tighten it up and make the extra fabric from it a strap to secure that it wouldn’t fall off. 

And for my pants, it was very plain before, so I folded the bottom of it. Ripped the upper knees and thigh level for some designs. Make sure to wear it before you rip it so you know which part you should rip.

And for my top, it used to be long sleeves dress but since the sleeves are too loose and too much I removed the sleeves to make it simple but elegant.

For my skirt, it used to be long but since it’s been washed many times already it made the bottom of the skirt look old so I cut it off until to my upper knee level and stitched the edges. Viola it looks new and pretty again.

For my accessories, I made the extra fabric from my skirt into a headband. Now, I got a match up skirt and headband accessory so pretty.

I hope you guys like it!!😊


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