10 helpful travel tips & advice 

Once in a while it’s good to go somewhere far away even just for a moment. In a place where nobody knows you and you don’t know anyone, just to breathe and have a little break from everything. Travel is life but sometimes we tend to hold back because traveling is a little expensive. Well, worry no more here’s some tips and advice to make it affordable and possible.

The 10 most useful travel tips:   

  1. Sign up for the membership
  • Be a member of a travel company like Expedia, Hotwire,etc. to get hotels and airfare discounts. Keep collecting your points to get more discounts.

   2. Travel Expenditure 

  • Find out the total expenses of your whole travel starting from the airfare,hotel,food until to the small fees.

   3. Travel Jar

  • Set the total amount that you will need for your travel.
  • Calculate an exact amount that you gonna put in your travel jar until you reach the total amount that you need to travel.
  • Put the same exact amount monthly and you shouldn’t touch it. The money that you put in a travel jar is all the money you will spend for your travel including the hotel,airfare,food and small fees.

    4. Book your travel 

  • Book your flight and hotel 2-3 months early. The earlier you book the cheaper it is.

    5. Be on time

  • Come to the airport early just in case there will be traffic. Always set an extra time to be sure that you wouldn’t miss your flight. It’s better to be sure than sorry.

   6. Luggage 

  • Pack your bags the night before your flight to be sure you wouldn’t forget anything.
  • Always check your passport,plane ticket and wallet before leaving home. Check everything if you didn’t forget anything.
  • Only bring the things you need and don’t forget your charger.

     7. Awareness 

  • Be aware on your surroundings and things while having fun so you wouldn’t lose anything that will ruin your travel.

   8. Clothes

  • Wear your comfy clothes and shoes so it wouldn’t hurt your feet and you will be comfy the whole time.

    9. Enjoy

  • Forget all your worries just enjoy the moment discover new things appreciate the place that’s the reason why you travel.

  10. List

  • Make a list of the landmarks you want to visit so you wouldn’t miss any.

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