Tips and ideas for dating outfit

Today we’re talking about simple but elegant tips and ideas on what to wear on a date. 

Let’s start on hair and make up:

  1. For the hair if you’re not confident about the length and volume of your hair try to curl it. By that it will give some texture on your hair. Also the length wouldn’t get attention anymore.
  2. Try not to put too much make up mostly when it’s daylight. Try to look natural apply a natural look make up on your face not so dark on the eyes and not so red on the cheeks and lips. Try to put light color eye shadow,pink blush on and pink or nude lips stick for a natural look. Always be confident on yourself.

For the dress:

  1. Always know where to go on a date so your outfit will match up. If it’s lunch,dinner or movie or both a dress will be a good idea. Make sure you feel good and comfy with your dress so it wouldn’t bother you the whole time you’re wearing it.  
  2. If you wear heels maybe a 3inch heels will work as well not too high not too low it wouldn’t hurt your feet. But if you don’t feel like wearing heels you can also wear those cute open toe strap sandals.


  1. You can also wear some cute earrings if you have one but not the big bangle size one. It will be a little disturbing on a date. If you have necklace or bracelet that you always wear you can wear it as well or your favorite bracelet watch that will fit on your dress is good as well. But don’t over do it by wearing 2-3 necklace at one time only pick the one that you like the most.
  2. For your purse just bring a handy one to put in your cellphone,wallet, and some make up like lipstick and powder for a retouch if needed. 

Hope this one helps and always remember be confident and be yourself enjoy your date!!


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