Winter Make up 2017

For my winter make up 2017 I prefer a little darker eye shadow since it’s gloomy most of the time. I think darker shade will stand more during this time of season.


And here’s the eye shadow palette that i used for this look from Coastal Scent. I used white shadow as a base and apply it all over my eye lid until to the bottom of my eye brows. Then I used this grayish brown eye shadow for my eye lid and dark shadow for my crease. I also used dark shadow for my eye brows.


For my eye lashes, I used Roller Lash from Benefits cosmetic it makes my lashes look longer and thicker since I don’t use fake lashes. I also used my contouring stick from Sephora for my highlight and contouring I like it a lot because it’s 2 in 1 very handy and it blends easily. Deep beige lip liner for my lips from Sephora this one is good as well it makes my lips look soft and pouchy. And for my eye liner I used water proof contour liner from Sephora I like smudging it and it’s a good product as well it makes my eyes bold.



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