A Tour Inside Disneyland Paris

Ever wonder if Neverlands do exist??I say yes Neverlands do exist and I find it in Disneyland Paris. The feeling I get when I was inside Disneyland Paris is just so magical I felt like I’m in a fairytale. I say I was the happiest when I was inside this park I can’t explain that feeling inside me but it feels like i’m in a dreamland it’s like a magic.


Over here is the beautiful castle that will already make you feel a princess. The view in the front and on the side of the castle awesome view it is.


Right here are the stores where we can buy memorable cute souvenirs from Disneyland Paris.

And there goes one of the Disneyland Paris best rides. It’s a roller coaster ride that will take the riders inside the tube and inside the tube is pitch black and you will see the galaxy. It’s awesome and fun ridding on it and seeing the galaxy looks so real.


The Pirate of the Caribbean ride is one of the best as well. Inside it, is so dark riders are going to ride in a boat and the boat will tour the riders in a dark lake. There riders will see mannequins that looks like real humans dressed like pirates, and it’s so dark the only light are the lamps around it. While in the boat riders will hear the real water sounds crashing on the boat it feels like it’s a real life Pirates of the Caribbean moment. It’s a must try experience.


The very entertaining ride of Disneyland Paris called “small world.” At first, i thought it was only for kids but when I got inside, it was so beautiful. It’s a boat ride that will take you inside with lots of cute and amazing dolls that’s dancing on the song.


And there goes the haunted mansion. Inside it is a ride that will take you on every part of the mansion. The sounds effect, the ghosts and the over all effects are very futuristic.



Ofcourse the tea cup ride that everyone knows about wouldn’t be missed.



By the end of the day there will be a Disney parade. All the Disney characters will show up on their huge all detailed floaters. The Disney princess together with their princes will be ridding on their horses carriage. The parade usually starts around 6pm at the front of the castle.


Here’s the whole view of the park in the map.


The end.


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