Holidays Make Up And Outfit Idea

It’s winter again and I’m officially back to my dark hair now from my summer blonde hair color. And there goes our favorite holidays coming in a week or so. Everyone’s getting busy again partying, seeing, and reuniting with family and friends. Usually when it’s season like this we party a lot and sometimes we don’t know which outfit to wear and what make up to use. We want to look our best because it’s a once a year celebration, and everyones going to be in the party like relatives, old friends and sometimes we even meet new people from relatives and friends. So here’s my holidays outfit, hair and make up idea to share.


Since it’s Christmas I decided to wear red dress because red is one of a Christmas color and Santa Clause wears red as well. So red is the easiest color to pick for a Christmas dress. Also, red color dress really stands out and it really looks alive which is really good for the Holidays. Then I combined it with the dark knee thigh socks and boots to make me feel warm and comfy. I also curled a little the bottom of my hair for more

For my holiday full face make up, after putting on my foundation routine, I used contouring stick from Sephora for my contour and highlight. And for my eye shadow I used the contouring side of my contouring stick from Sephora and apply it all over my eye lids and crease. And for my lips I combined my red lipstick from Chanel and top it up with my pink glittery dolly like lipstick from Sephora. Then dark shadow for my eye brows and Roller Lash from Benefit Cosmetics for my mascara. Dark eye liner from Sephora then I smudge it out.


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