The island chips

And there goes the appetizer called “The Island chips” it’s named by what it looks like an Island. This appetizer can be serve as a party snacks or while your watching NFL with your friends. A good combination for your tequila,beer or any other drinks. Also, you can serve it as well for your visitors. It is also good for this coming holidays it can serve as a good holiday appetizer too. Works on a movie night as well, or maybe if you just want to eat a good snack. It’s so quick and easy to make.theislandchips


  • tortilla chips
  • tomatoes (diced)
  • white onion (diced)
  • lime
  • sour cream
  • avocado
  • shredded cheese
  • salt


  1. Dice the tomatoes and the onions on a very tiny pieces as tiny as you can.
  2. Combine the diced tomatoes and onions in a bowl, sprinkle some salt and squeeze a half slice of lime on it for the flavors then mix.
  3. Spread the tortilla chips around the plate.
  4. Put a white small lid or white small cup in the middle of the plate then transfer step 2 on it so the juice of the tomatoes and lime wouldn’t spread all over the plate.
  5. Spread the sour cream on the top of the tortilla chips around the plate.
  6. Put some avocado on the top of the tomatoes and around it.
  7. Sprinkle some shredded cheese at the top of the plate in the center and around the tortilla chips.

Ready serve.


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