Rome, Italy and the perfect suite.

Hotel II Cantico is the name of the hotel that i would recommend to anyone if you want to have an awesome stay in Rome, Italy. This hotel is very peaceful, pretty nice and everything is just around it. There’s good restaurant,pharmacie,store and bank 1 block away from hotel II Cantico you can even take a walk a very convenient location. If you want more restaurants choices to try there are more restaurants not away from it maybe 5mins walk and you’ll see more restaurants choices they’re open until late and that’s really great. And the awesome part is this hotel named “Hotel II Cantico” is just 10 mins walk to Vatican and you’ll see the St.Peter Basilica already very nice I say. Awesome hotel the front desk is very helpful, people that work here are very respectful and nice. The hotel is very clean and beautiful. The location is very convenient. Awesome staying very affordable price with a lot to offer.

The view from the roof top of the hotel at daylight and at night. At night, it’s very relaxing to sit on the roof top with your drink and just watch the beautiful view of St.Peter Basilica. In the morning it’s a good idea to have a breakfast in the rooftop with this view in the front of you.

Also, they have a beautiful restaurant inside the hotel if you don’t feel like going outside and eat don’t worry there’s a presentable restaurant inside it. And, in the morning the hotel offers an awesome free breakfast buffet from 6am-9am. The buffet is really good there’s a lot of delicious food to choose and the stuffs are very nice as well very great service.

Inside the hotel is one good bar with good drinks me and my husband tried their tequila we really like it we got 2 shots of tequila each for a total of 4shots of tequila it’s really good. And the bar tender is very friendly and nice to the people as well. To mention, they have good ice cream flavors as well me and my husband really like their ice cream. They also have some sandwich, good cookies and souvenirs you can shop inside the hotel’s bar.


And yes they also have this beautiful garden with lots of lights at night. There you can have a nature theme or fairy theme background for your photography wether it’s daylight or at night you will surely have a perfect photography moment.

And there goes the comfy and clean room. They got a flat screen,I like their lights and they also have a secret little fridge below the cabinet. On the left is the bathroom, I like their bathroom mostly the shower it’s in the ceiling and when you turn it on it looks like a rain coming down on you and the bathroom is very clean as well with hair dryer a perfect stay in.


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