Vatican an awesome place

And there goes the amazing view of St. Peter Church Basilica in Vatican. A very holy place where the pope performs a mass. As you see there’s an architecture stick on the right side of St.Peter Church and that architecture is the Ocampo where the pope stays in. Usually there’s always a long line outside the gate of St.Peter Basilica before you get inside you have to pass a security check like in all the airports for the safety reason which is really good. This place is really amazingly huge. Outside the Church is so wide and there are beautiful fountains that you will see it feels like I’m in heaven.



And here’s one of the awesome part that you will see inside the St.Peter Basilica very amazing right. Inside St.Peter Basilica there are also little private chapels to see if you want to pray peacefully. It’s totally huge inside this church you will be amaze of it’s beauty. I was so amaze by St. Peter Basilica you know why?it’s just so beautiful everywhere I look from side to side, in every corner of the church, in the front of me and up to the ceiling is all awesome. It’s so beautiful inside and out I feel so blessed to get to see such an awesome place like this in my life.




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