Rome, Italy worth the visit.

So me and my husband decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary and my birthday in Rome, Italy. Since we know that our flight is gonna be early and our hotel check in time will be at noon, we decided to go around Rome, Italy’s landmarks first. After our airplane landed in Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport we took a 35mins train trip from the airport going to Roma Termini railway station in the downtown of Rome for only 20€ per person. Since we’re not familiar on the place and we don’t know how to get to Pantheon. We ordered Uber to bring us in Pantheon. The Uber driver was so nice he taught us the easiest way to get from places to places and showed us the other landmarks on our way. The city was so beautiful I enjoyed watching the trip on the way to Pantheon from Roma Termini railway station. And guess what?It only took us 10mins to get in Pantheon for only 9€.

And there the front view of Pantheon as you see it’s very classic and awesome.


Here you’ll see the side of the Phanteon and it looks amazing.


There goes the beautiful fountain right in the front of Pantheon very wonderful place most of the tourist like to touch the water and study every angle of the fountain’s artwork.


After exploring the whole Pantheon we ate in the restaurant in the front of it. Then we walked all the way down to the Colosseum as the Uber driver told us because it’s just nearby the place. While walking I started to appreciate more and more the beauty of the place, I see more classic architectures. Also, the road is pretty good as well and clean. The closer we get to Colosseum the more beautiful the surrounding gets so it wasn’t really tiring but entertaining. And when we reach our destination I was so amaze by the classic and very artistic framework of Colosseum.

And there goes the stunning architecture of colosseum.




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