My Rome,Italy make up, hair and fashion.

And here’s my outfit, hair and make up for September weather in Rome, Italy. Before anything else I got to check the weather in Rome the whole time i’m going to be there so that I know what are the dresses I should bring. Since September month in Rome is still hot and summer. I decided to wear this cute little dolly dress with a combination of black and grayish stripes color. It’s best to wear a light color dress to make it look fresh in a summer weather mostly when you’re traveling. Also, I brought my cute tiger pony tail with me that I got in Disney Paris just in case I get really hot at least I could tie my hair up. For my hair, It’s best to straight it up because it will be too hot if I curl it. And, for my make up I worn a dark eye shadow from Coastal Scents eye shadow palette and combine it with a pink glittery cute lipstick from Sephora. I always match a dark color make up with a light color lipstick. And, the reason why because it’s not a good idea to wear too much make up in a daylight of a sunny summer weather. Since it’s summer and i will be outside all day, I didn’t use any blush on or contouring on my face, I don’t want my make up melts on my face. For my nails, I usually use this cute red nail polish from Sephora to complete my look. Pink cute little purse to put some stuffs like lipstick if i need to retouch and my phone when i don’t use it. It’s best to use a handy purse so it wouldn’t bother me to carry it all day.fa2


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