My Disneyland Paris summer outfit

So here’s my comfy and cute little black dress outfit for my summer in Disneyland Paris. As you see i combined it with my little pink purse, so there i could put some stuffs that i might need like my phone, lipstick if i need to retouch sometime, and my money just in case i want to eat or i need to buy something. By that I dont need to go all the way back in the locker room just to get what I need. It’s so handy I can even bring it with me on the rides. For my nails I used this cute red color nail polish that I got from Sephora.


And for my hairstyle I curled it very lightly and tied it all together with this cute tiger ponytail that I got in one of the stores in Disneyland Paris. The reason I tied my hair so when I go in the rides my hair wouldn’t be messy or go on my face. Also, it’s refreshing for the hot summer weather.


For my make up I used a natural look very light make up just in case I sweat a lot, the make up that I wear wouldn’t smudge on my eyes, and it wouldn’t melt on my face.




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