5 best things about Lake Tahoe


5 Best things about Lake Tahoe:

1st thing the nature- I like Lake Tahoe because of it’s beautiful ocean and forest. I feel so relaxed and I feel like I get to think better about life decisions when the view is beautiful and peaceful i get to clear out my mind.




2nd the snow- who wouldn’t like to enjoy snow with the love ones. It feels so romantic spending the night with the love one in one of the town house in Lake Tahoe with fire place in the cold winter night. Good dinner with candle light on the table with roses and a movie night before to sleep. And the best part is to wake up in the morning look through the window and see trees cover with beautiful white snow.



3rd the adventure- There’s canoes to rent in every beaches they have. There’s lots of beaches to go swimming and they’re just closed to each others like Paton beach and Kings beach. There’s bars and good restaurants around it. There’s mini golf to play as well when I get done enjoying the lake.



4th the road- I love driving in Lake Tahoe because the road is so clear there’s no traffic,no rude drivers, and it’s very peaceful because it’s all nature.



5th the town house- the town house that i stayed in with my husband in Carnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe is so beautiful. It’s very clean inside,grill in the balcony, pretty comfy big beds and rooms. The gas station, the stores are just next to each others. A pretty peaceful place to stay in. The beaches,the restaurants, and the mini golf are just 1 block away from it.



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