Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome to the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada. This city is one of my favorite place to visit because of the night life,the artistic designs of the buildings, and good food. I love how the city looks so pretty bright and alive at night from the window of Monte Carlo Hotel. The beautiful fountains of Bellagio at night in Lavender Sky is so entertaining everyone waits for it. The concept of choreography of the fountains,the light effect, and the music they play together with it make an extravagant performance that entertained everyone that’s watching it.

At day light, I love to go walk around the city because I see everything clearly the tall buildings,the malls inside the hotels,the shops,and the restaurants are just next to each others. I love to take pictures in Paris Las Vegas a French theme hotel and casino. This hotel is located in Paradise Nevada and it looks exactly like an Eiffel Tower outside. Also, I love visiting my favorite mall in Vegas that’s located inside the Caesars Palace hotel. This mall is huge and the design of the building is very artistic. The idea of putting the sculpture in every corner of the mall, and the beautiful painting of the walls to the ceiling make the whole building very attractive and classic.

Also, there’s another place that I love in Vegas when it comes to the cakes, it’s located inside the Aria hotel. The cakes in this French bakery called “Jean Philippe Patisserie” are so cute and they taste really good as well.


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