Lacanau beach, France

The first beach that my husband made me visit in France was Lacanau beach and my experience here was awesome. The long travel was all worth it. I didn’t get disappointed, sometimes I miss being back in this beach. The best thing about Lacanau beach was it looked like a small village and everything was inside: the hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops.


The hotels were just right in the front of the ocean so at night when we got into our hotel room, me and my husband just slid open our window got some fresh air and listened to the sound of waves until we fell asleep. In the morning before me and my husband started out our day,we went outside the balcony breathe some fresh air again like the night before then took a good view of the beautiful ocean in the front of us.

IMG_3952(view from the hotel room)

Me and my husband really had an awesome vacation here  I had so much fun swimming in the ocean. The waves were so high I really enjoyed crushing on it. Everyone was waiting for the waves to crush on them. It was really big waves higher than the height of the people. The most amazing part was even the waves were high, the level of the water remained low even after the waves crushed down. Lacanau beach was really an awesome place it’s good for couples,family and friends summer vacation.


And the best thing here in Lacanau beach, there were lots of great restaurants around it. I really liked the mussels that i ordered in one restaurant that we went to. They put lots of mussels inside the pot and they put french fries on the side. I was so happy and satisfied about my order it made my night.




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