Summer make up

It’s summer time ladies it’s time to have fun under the sun but remember no dark make ups on summer. Only light make ups for summer or something that colors like the sun to get a brighter look. Light make up for summer is a good idea so when we sweat and our make ups melt down on our face, it wouldn’t be messy. Never ever wear dark make ups when it’s summer mostly when we are going to be under the sun because when we sweat and our make ups melt on our face then it will be a big mess. It will smudge all over our eyes like a raccoon or a panda and we don’t want that happen to us. Also, don’t wear eyeliner to avoid smudges. We ladies have to stay looking fresh even under the sun so here’s a step by step guide of a summer make up idea.

Step 1: Using brush C-N09 apply orange eye shadow on the crease of our eyes starting in the outer corner crease going to the inner corner crease apply it in a circular motion. Also apply some on lower lash line.

Step 2: Using the same brush blend dark red orange shadow to the orange shadow on the crease of our eyes same pattern outer to inner crease. Apply on lower lash line as well.

Step 3: Using brush C-s20 apply bronze shadow in the middle of the lid of our eyes. Put some on lower lash line also.

Step 4: using brush C-s17 combine chocolate brown and dark shadow then apply it in our eyebrows starting from the middle until to the tip then a little lighter in the front to get a natural fuller looking brows.

Step 5: Apply mascara on eyelashes.

Finish it up with the red lipstick or any kind of lipstick color of our own choice and we’re ready to go!!


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